Laura Alden Concert

Laura Alden Concert with Special Guests

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June 7,2024


DNA. Art Club, Alte Münze


15 € Pre Sale | 18 € Box Office

Laura Alden Concert with Special Guests

by WOAH Management x DNA.

Enjoy an evening full of heartwarming sounds that touches Your soul.


07 June 2024, Friday

DOORS: 7:30 pm

SHOW: 8 - 10 pm


DNA. Art Club

Alte Münze

Am Krögel 2, 10179 Berlin

(Entrance from Moneta)


Special Acts: Danina & Mimi

Main Act: Laura Alden


15 € Pre Sale

18 € Box Office


Laura Alden

“A sweet spot between Folk and Pop” – Laura Alden feels a lot. And whatever she feels will end up in a song. She wonders about love and loss, self renewal, and you can find a red thread of gentleness yet unapologetic honesty woven throughout her music.
The Dublin / Berlin based singer-songwriter found her balance between Pop and Folk with a production that combines subtle electronica and warm acoustic details. Inspired by the natural world, her new music touches on subjects of human intimacy and often brings artists like Daughter or Birdy to mind.

With her debut EP, scheduled to release in spring 2024, she makes an introduction for herself as a songwriter and artist. On the forthcoming project ‘Homebody’, she tells first-hand stories of
coming of age, growing up slowly in a fast moving world as she says goodbye to outdated versions of herself.

As the project has been in the creation stages for a long time, ‘Homebody’ sets the scene for her personal and artistic development over the last years. Alden’s new work showcases herdelicate vocals and authentic songwriting in a bold and distinguished way.

Special Guests:


Growing up, Mimi always knew she wanted to be a rockstar. Singing along to THE BEATLES,DAVID BOWIE and ABBA, she could see herself standing on a stage, performing her heart out.Now that dream has become reality. Since winning the TV-Show THE VOICE KIDS in 2019together with her sister Josy, her life has been a rollercoaster of musical and emotional growth.The two sisters have always been making music together, and in 2022 they released their firstEP under their band name HAVET. While joining both her sisters and her own musical taste and style leads to a super interesting combination of indie-pop, folk-inspired electrical sound, both Josy and Mimi feel like wanting to show the world the true and unaltered version of themselves and their music. Mimi uses her songs as a way to process difficult emotions, feelings and thoughts. For her, writing a song is like writing into a diary - raw emotions that transfer into melody and lyrics. She usually writes her songs in the comfort of her bedroom, where the guitar or the piano are her first listeners. In opening up and speaking exactly what she is feeling, she is putting herself in an extremely vulnerable position. She sings of the human experience, love and the ups-and-downs of normal life, making her songs emotional and very relatable.Mimi hopes that by addressing the things she's going through and sharing them with the world, other people might feel heard and understood.

Be a Part of a Night to remember.

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