Learn to play Guitar without ANY Music Theory

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Are you ready to learn how to play the guitar like a pro?

Look no further than the vibrant city of Berlin, where you can immerse yourself in a cool, artistic atmosphere while taking guitar classes from talented local musicians.

These classes provide the perfect opportunity to fast-track your skills and unleash your inner star.

Held in a unique setting such as a theater, you'll not only have access to state-of-the-art equipment but also be surrounded by like-minded individuals eager to share their passion for music.

Get ready to strum your way to success and take your guitar skills to the next level and explore the best guitar classes in Berlin offered by fellow artists to local friends.

Learn to PLAY GUITAR FAST Without knowing a lot of Music Theory



Alexander Steiner, also known as Rudenote, is a highly talented multi-instrumentalist, certified audio engineer, and full-time music producer with over 3 years of professional experience.
He has had the opportunity to work with a wide range of multi-platinum producers and independent artists from all over the world, gaining valuable insights and knowledge in the music industry.

Rudenote's unique sound and approach to music production have enabled him to showcase his skills on various platforms such as Beatclub, Landr, Wavs and many more. His exceptional talent in music production has garnered attention from music lovers all over the world, who have been captivated by his signature sound and innovative approach to music creation.

Apart from Guitar Lessons

Rudenote is also passionate about teaching and sharing his knowledge with others. He offers music production for both beginners and advanced students, providing personalized lessons that cater to the individual needs and interests of each student.


Rudenote offers a range of services for aspiring musicians, including vocal recording, mixing and mastering, and custom beats. With his extensive experience and expertise, he can help artists achieve the perfect sound and create music that resonates with their audience.

Join RUDENOTE and BE even MORE.

Rudenote is a highly talented and experienced music producer, audio engineer, and multi-instrumentalist, offering a range of services to help aspiring musicians achieve their dreams. Whether you're looking for guitar lessons, vocal recording, mixing and mastering, or custom beats, Rudenote is the perfect choice to help you achieve your musical goals.

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