"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members."

– Coretta Scott King

DNA. provides a Safe Space
for Artists of all kinds
to connect, share and grow.


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DNA. is a revolutionary Art Community connecting multidisciplinary Artists and Lovers of Art.

DNA. Art Club located at Alte Münze (Am Krögel 2, Berlin) is The Art Hot Spot to meet Diversity, Culture & Art Lovers from all over the World.

DNA. aims to Connect People through Art & create a Safe Space that feels like Home.

In DNA. Every Respectful Person, Artist or Lover of Art, are welcome.

We are Present.

We are Diverse.

We are Family.

DNA. Goal is to create the Greatest worldwide Art Community that feels like Home, to spread Art, Love and to Write Destiny.

Feel free to Join Us

& Write Your Destiny with DNA.

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DNA. Events & Services

External Corporate Events

DNA. hosts a diverse range of external shows and Corporate Events.

Services for Corporate Partners

DNA. provides a broad spectrum of Services, including Social Media Content Production, Edition & Propagation, Sound Design and Foto, Video & Voice over Services and much more.

Art Agency & Publishing Services

DNA. offers a broad spectrum of


functioning as an art agency, art management company, and publishing platform.

Services for Artists and Public Audience

DNA. creates and provides a supportive Safe Space for Artists and Friends to connect, share and grow. Together.

DNA. serves as a creative co-working hub to collaborate, learn, and inspire one another and providing:

🎬 Co-Working Space

🎬 Art Workshops

🎬 Dance Classes

🎬 Recording Services

🎬 Publishing Services

We Write Destiny.



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