- Wellness Day -

Contemporary Dance & Spa Access

11  05  2024

Hotel Pullman | Spa Area

Burggrafenstraße 2A, 10787 Berlin

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Wellness Day: Contemporary Dance + SPA

Join Liron Kichler, a passionate dancer, choreographer, and instructor based in Berlin, for a transformative Retreat centered around the power of movement, expression and relaxation.

Clear Your mind, Move & Refresh.

Take Time for Your Body & Soul.

Special Class "Calm in Motion: Exploring Contemporary Movement Research & Relaxation"
+ Spa, Pool & Sauna Access - all together in Harmony.

In this class, participants are encouraged to tap into their dynamic center, finding freedom and joy in movement. With a focus on physical expression and imagery, Liron guides You towards developing Your authentic voice, connecting with the space, music, and imagination.

At 31 years old, Liron brings a wealth of experience and a deep connection to the art of dance. Through years of exploration and collaboration with talented choreographers, dancers, and performers, Liron has developed a unique approach to movement that emphasizes emotional expression and storytelling.

Grounding techniques are a cornerstone of Liron's teaching, as participants learn to use the floor as a source of stability and strength. By exploring the body's weight and developing bodily awareness, intelligence, and playfulness, students expand their repertoire of movement possibilities.

Through patient internal exploration, participants tune into the origins and progressions of their movements, discovering how they influence space and leave lasting impressions.

This Session is infused with mindfulness principles, encouraging You to cultivate a deeper connection with their bodies and to approach each movement with intention and awareness.

By the end of the session, You'll feel stronger, empowered and more flexible.

After the Personal Training Class, feel free to stay at the amazing SPA at Pullman Schweizerhof Hotel to refresh & regenerate both Your Body & Soul.

The Spa at Hotel Pullman Berlin Schweizerhof

promotes active physical and mental relaxation and regeneration & bridge the gap between the wellness and fitness worlds, offering physical regeneration and personal Growth.



Hotel Pullman Berlin Schweizerhof

Burggrafenstraße 2a, 10787 Berlin


11.05. 2024

from 11.30 am


Class: 1-1,30 h

Spa Access afterwards (opening hours till 8 pm)


Contemporary Movement Class

Refreshments & Fruit

Towels, Slippers & Bathrobe

Wellness = Spa, Pool & Sauna Access


Special DNA. Deal: 48e for the whole Retreat (Class & Wellness)

Full Prize: 80e


Spots are limited.

First come, first serve.

Save Your Spot now.

See Us Soon :)

With Love,

Liron, THE SPA & DNA.

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