DNA. Art Contract

DNA. Art GbR

DNA. Art GbR

Nogatstraße 21 - 22

12051 Berlin

Between DNA. Art GbR, hereinafter referred to as "Agency," and the Artist, hereinafter referred to as "Artist".

1. Services of the Agency:

   a. The Agency undertakes to assist the Artist in the development of their career and to identify and promote various opportunities in different fields.

   b. The Agency will strive to provide the Artist with opportunities for performances, projects, and experiences to enhance their skills and portfolio.

2. Duration of the Contract:

   a. The contract commences with the receipt of the first successful payment in the Agency's bank account.

   b. Termination of this contract may occur by sending an official notice, either via email or physical mail, expressing the intention to terminate the contract without the need for specific reasons. Both parties are entitled to terminate the contract through this process. The notice period for termination is one month, starting from the date the termination notice is delivered to the other party. During this one-month period, charges will continue to be invoiced for administrative purposes. However, after this period, the contractual relationship will be officially terminated, and there will be no obligation to pay further fees. Rejoining the service is possible at any time after termination.

3. Compensation:

      a. The compensation for the Agency's services may vary, but for the Artist, the fee will remain consistent, mirroring the initial subscription amount. This fixed monthly fee will remain unchanged throughout the duration of the contract.

  b. Payments will be processed on a monthly basis, always scheduled for the same day as the initial booking.

4. Rights and Responsibilities:

  a. The Agency is granted the right to feature the Artist in their portfolio and promotional materials. This includes the right to capture photos and videos during performances, with permission to share and post them on the website, social media, and other platforms. Additionally, these materials may be used for community presentations and other related purposes.

  b. The Artist is committed to representing the Name and Brand of the Agency in the most favorable manner possible. They agree to inform and consult with the Agency before accepting independent professional opportunities.

5. Additional Benefits:

a. Free entry to internal shows organized by the Agency.

b. Free entry to almost all internal workshops organized by the Agency or reduced fee.

c. Possibility to organize and run your own shows and workshops.

d. A personal artist profile on our website.

e. Provision of a Member Card or Member ID Card for the Artist.

f. Access to photos and video content.

h. Backstage entrance, and complimentary drinks and snacks at our events.

i. Special care during rehearsals as well as during shows.

j. Support from fellow artists within the community.

k. Assistance in promoting the Artist's own workshops and lessons.

6. Confidentiality:

a. Both parties mutually agree to maintain confidentiality regarding any confidential information exchanged under the terms of this contract.

7. Conducting the activities:

The Artist is solely responsible for conducting the activities outlined in this contract. The Agency holds no liability for any health or property damages that may occur to the artist during the execution of these activities.

8. Payments:

Payments are to be made monthly to the Agency's designated bank account/PayPal.

9. Applicable Law:

This contract is governed by German law, especially the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. Any disputes arising from or in connection with this contract will be settled before German courts.

10. Jurisdiction:

The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this contract is Berlin, Germany.

11. Other Provisions:

a. This contract constitutes the complete agreement between the parties and may only be modified in writing by The Agency in the event of significant changes affecting all artists in the Agency equally.

b. All parties agree to abide by the terms of this contract to the best of their knowledge and belief.

c. This contract is governed by the laws of the state of Germany, and any disputes will be resolved through arbitration.

No signatures are required. The contract automatically becomes legally binding once the first payment by Artist is made. We assume that by making the first payment, the Artist has read and agreed to the terms of the contract.

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