DNA. Community.

DNA. provides a Safe Space for multidisciplinary Artists and Lovers of Art to connect, share and grow.


We Write Destiny.

DNA. Membership comes at €18/month, on a monthly independent basis, granting You access to numerous benefits (see below).
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You are a DNA. Artist.

You are a Part of a revolutionary Community of Artists.

You are a Part of a great & suportative Art Family.


  1. FREE ENTRY - all the intern shows
  2. FREE ENTRY - all the intern workshops & retreats
  3. FREE ENTRY - all the Dance & Movements Classes
  4. Possibility to run Your own SHOWS & WORKSHOPS
  5. Personal artists´ profile
  7. SUPPORT on our social media
  8. FREE photo & video CONTENT
  9. Free Snacks & Softs for Artists.
  10. Special Care & Support
  11. Support needed to promote Your OWN workshops/lessons


  1. You are listed in our DNA. ART CLUB AGENCY as an artist (offline & online)
  2. You may showcase, promote and sell Your OWN ART
  3. You may perform at DNA. SHOWS
  4. You may attend extern Events, Shows & Festivals
  5. You may offer Your own LESSONS, WORKSHOPS & host Your own SHOWS


  1. You may enjoy benefits provided by our cooperate PARTNERS:

2. You may JOIN Artists' GIGMIT BOOKING Database

3. DNA. may Upload & Publish Your Music at our Sync Network

4. DNA. may recommend Your Art to Our Publishing Company, Ghost Writing & Voice Over Partners

You Write Your own Destiny.

Keep creating & Spread Love,

Your DNA. 🖤

Before proceeding with your subscription and the initial payment, we kindly request that you carefully read and acknowledge the Contract. This step is designed to ensure that you have the opportunity to thoroughly review the terms before making your final commitment. By clicking the "subscribe" button and remitting your first membership fee, you are explicitly confirming that you have read and accepted the terms outlined in the Contract. This action signifies your agreement to be bound by the terms and expresses your intent to become a valued member of our association. The Contract and an official membership agreement will be sent to you via email after the subscription process for your records.

Click Here & Become a DNA. Member.
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