Become a DNA. Member

Be a part of DNA. Community

We are a revolutionary movement of over a hundred of Writers, Musicians
& other multidisciplinary Artists currently based in Berlin.


Become a DNA. Member

Dair Night Art e. V.

*The association of Writers and Friends in Berlin

"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members." – Coretta Scott King


*You are a Part of a revolutionary community of artists.

*You are a part of a Family.

*You GET:

  1. FREE ENTRY by all the shows
  2. FREE ENTRY by all workshops
  3. a personal artists´ profile on our webpage
  4. all the support possible from Your Fellow Friends
  5. a MEMBER CARD & SET CARD for You
  6. a personal artists´ profile on our webpage
  7. SUPPORT on our social media
  8. FREE photos & video CONTENT
  9. FREE professional coaching and exclusive workshops
  10. special CARE by the REHEARSALS as well as by the SHOWS
  11. support needed to promote Your OWN workshops/lessons
  12. a possibility being booked EXTERN GIGs and EVENTS


  1. You are listed in our DNA CLUB AGENCY as an artist (offline & online)
  2. You are able to  sell/promote Your OWN ART (social media/webpage)
  3. You may perform at DNA. SHOWS and extern Events
  4. You may JOIN Artists' BOOKING Database by GIGMIT
  5. You may enjoy benefits provided by our SPONSORS & INVESTORS

*You EARN by:

  1. selling Your OWN WORKSHOPS
  2. offering Your OWN LESSONS
  3. attending the EXTERN EVENTS

You Write Your own Destiny.

keep writing & spread Love,


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