*Mondays - TVW - Closed in August
*Tuesdays - ARTliners
*Wednesdays - Agatha Hopfen
*Sundays - Birgit & Bier

Dair Night Art
*The association of Writers & Friends

DNA. community * Dair Night Art e.V. Berlin
is an international revolutionary art movement of artists
specific to written and spoken word,
rhythm and performance
— we believe in the power of words and the importance self-expression.

DNA club brings together multidisciplinary art forms, creating a supportive safe space for writers and friends to connect, share, create, feel free and grow together.

We are currently based in Berlin:
Theater Verlängertes Wohnzimmer, Friedrichshain - Frankfurter Allee 91 - mondays - *currently closed*

What does DNA. do?

DNA. Art Community provide a SAFE SPACE for multidisciplinary artists to connect, share and grow together. Feel free to join DNA.
DNA. Workshops from artists and for artists to support & learn from each other and grow. Together.
CHECK "Events" for the upcoming SHOW DATES
Enjoy the Great Show by DNA. MEMBERS &/ attend the STAGE and show Your ART.
SAFE SPACE & free OPEN STAGE for artists to connect, practice, share and grow together. See Events for more details.

Meet some of our fellow DNA members:

Michele Battistioli

Storyteller, writer, poet in progress. Interested in finding, creating and sharing stories, as well as exploring remote and different paths in writing and storytelling. Narration is our history and personal story. Creativity makes excellent roots to grow and build solid foundations, your choices will determine the direction of your branches and your words will be the leaves sitting on top of them, ready to be carried by the wind around the world. So your tale shall be told, and your essence expressed in the universe.

Lena Hohl

Lena is a Berlin-based artist and performer from Vienna, Austria. She describes her creative process as intuitive and free from concepts. She expresses herself through poetry, rap and channeled freewriting. Her goal is to inspire, connect, entertain, and help people discover a part of their true selves through her words.

Daniella Dair

Daniella Dair is a multidisciplinary artist, international book Writer and Bestseller of the Words. Daniella Dair is dedicated to write, create and support art and authors all over the world by spreading love and the message "make poetry sexy again". Faith in words is her religion.

Nolan Parose

Parose is a Berlin-raised Rap-Artist, Producer and Singer/Songwriter. His love for music grew over years while he tried to find ways to express himself and his feelings. Since 2016 he‘s expressing his life experiences about criminal life, drug abusing, depression, suicide attempts and PTSD. His will to live forced him to keep going in life even after many traumatic situations. PAROSE is an outstanding artist with multiple minds and ideas to create new styles. (Source: Spotify -> PAROSE)
Are you an Artist?
Write your Destiny
with us.
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