Past Event "Make Poetry Sexy again Lynk & Co"

July 27, 2023

Past Event "Make Poetry Sexy again Lynk & Co"

The “Make Poetry Sexy again” event took place at Lynk & Co on July 27th, 2023, an event celebrating creativity and connection with open doors from 7pm, the show began, welcoming and embracing the extraordinary through “Powerful Storytelling” & “Rhymes and Rhythm” events, engaging sessions encouraged attendees to explore their creativity, inspiring new perspectives and fostering connections between like-minded souls. The Lynk & Co Club provided the perfect environment for networking.

Diverse people with a common passion for art and creativity came together, creating lasting bonds amidst an immersive atmosphere. The “Make Poetry Sexy Again” event was magical. It was an evening of artistic exploration and human connection, leaving a profound impact on all who were lucky enough to be present. At the conclusion of the event, the memories of the evening lingered, etching themselves in the hearts of all who attended. The charm of the creativity, the enchantment of the words and the essence of the experiences shared made this night truly unforgettable.

To all those who were part of this extraordinary event, we express our most sincere gratitude for having made possible an exceptional evening at Lynk & Co Club.

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