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Nicolas Mayer

22 years old,


Thinking about poetry, what are the first associations that come to mind?

- Free expression, art, creation

How old were you when you started writing poetry?

- I actually began composing poetry when I was a young child, like 6 or 7 years of age. I remember dedicating poetry to both my parents and my first girlfriends or rather crushes. I quit when I was 13 or 14, and I only recently started again at the end of last year (2022).

Often making art, especially at school time, is a source of mockery from fellow students; did it happen to you?

- I stopped writing poetry not because I was afraid of being laughed at, but rather because I thought it was strange for a boy like me to write poetry. I really didn't want to continue expressing myself through poetry because I was afraid of being made fun of. That is how I got affinate with the skill of writing texts rather than rhymes. I guess this is also what brings me to giving speeches today.

Do you remember the first poem you wrote?

- I do not remember the very first poem that I wrote, but I do remember the first one that I wrote as my return to the art of poetry.

How do you experience your relationship with the audience?

- Due to the fact that I am both a speaker and a poet, I must approach this from two perspectives. I adore the connection to the audience in both. Through my art, I want to change society in order to inject it with more love, support, and positive energy. This is what I portray both on and off the stage, which is why I have a strong bond with the crowd. My heart races whenever I get the opportunity to share love with someone and tell stories to those who are interested since it is a passionate and important subject to me. And I think the audience can sense that and respects it, so it’s mutual love and respect.

Could you give some advice to someone who would like to start writing but does not know where to start?

- Follow your heart and stay positive. A positive mindset will help you to create the circumstances you desire. Your intuition will guide you in the right direction, and your attitude will enable you to carry it through. I currently just sit down and start writing at random. Usually, the initial line of a poem is merely something that has been stuck in my head. Processing ideas through writing is one way.

"Writing is always hiding something so that it will be discovered later," said Italo Calvino, a very famous Italian writer and intellectual. Do you agree with this statement?

- It is comparable to becoming a comedian, yes. When you discuss a subject, you don't always give the complete image; rather, you simply sketch it out for the listener to complete the picture in order to fully get my point. I also believe that this is carried out because, if it weren't, the listener may not respect the words as highly as they deserve.

If you could describe your relationship with writing how would you express it?

- Writing is something that I naturally gravitate towards. Sometimes it takes a while to find your groove, but if you allow your passion enough room to bloom, it will. Therefore, our bond develops with time and aids in my mental serenity.

A question that many people ask is: where does the inspiration to write a poem come from? Are there specific things, feelings or even random things?

- Part of it stems from my desire to spread love, assist others, and encourage others to pursue their own dreams. Therefore, these qualities are present in the majority of poetry. I also compose poetry to make up for the things that happen to me, and most of these poems are written emotionally. So it an also be a process of compensation. Here and there, it is a random topic too, but in my case that is not the norm.

Describe what DNA is to you with a 3-line poem.

From visual to auditive
Passionate and supportive
Treating one another positive

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