The Artistic Essence of DNA.: Why You Can't Miss Every Week's Program

There are compelling reasons to mark your calendar for DNA. (Dair Night Art Club)'s weekly program in the heart of Berlin.

Monday Magic: Your Favorite Free & Safe Space

On Mondays, DNA. opens its doors as a place where artists of all types can connect, share, and grow together. The event is more than a mere gathering; it is the core of a thriving artistic community.

Tuesday Vibes: Words on Strings

Every Tuesday, a fusion of words and acoustics brings you an unforgettable experience. There will be poetry, acoustics, and much more presented by multidisciplinary artists of the DNA. community, creating an experience like no other.

Wednesday Wonders: RAP SESSION with Stan Valdez

Stan Valdez hosts the one and only rap open stage every Wednesday. Located in the heart of Berlin, the New Art Hot Spot is a place where art and life converge to create a space that connects beautiful souls.

Thursday Tales: Powerful Storytelling

Michele (aka No Story Lies) tells powerful stories this Thursday (11.01) and DNA. will showcase a variety of talent every week, ensuring an exquisite artistic treat and a valuable learning experience.

Friday Delight: Date & Art - Networking & Fun for Artists

Every Friday, DNA. transforms into a hub for networking, interactive games, and great hosts. You are welcome to join this eventful experience where art comes to life, welcoming everyone with respect.

Saturday Sounds: OPEN STAGE & JAM

As DNA. hosts an open stage and jam every Saturday, the air is filled with live music. A dynamic atmosphere is created in the heart of Berlin by beautiful people.

Sunday Serenity: Sundays Slam - Words Meet Acoustics

Wrap up your week with Sundays Slam, where words meet acoustics in a captivating display of artistic expression. Join this weekly experience and become part of the beautiful experience, as well as more workshops in the afternoon!

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