If not now, then when?

If not now, then when?

There are only a few times when you can be part of a change and if you get the chance, why not take it?

Well, now is the time to join a community of artists that is trying to attract a new niche of people to Berlin to share interests and spaces with. After the huge success of the first Secret Show, DNA will host the second show in an exclusive location. The show will start at 8:30 am at the location of P61 Potsdamer Str. and will last until late into the night. It will offer participants the chance to express themselves, providing them with a safe space in which there are no rules except respect for the other participants.

The evening will be graced by the Berlin Stripper Collective, a feminist stripper organisation based in the German capital. An evening in which the body and nudity will not be seen as a barrier and a limitation but will represent a means of artistic and cultural expression and will also serve to destigmatise the nudity-sex dualism.

In addition to the sexy show and the 8D art show 'Black Hole', there will also be an afterparty where the same rule applies:

be yourself to the extent you want but always respecting the freedom and space of others.

The tickets will offer you two different ways of attending the show, and in addition to the regular tickets there will also be the possibility of purchasing VIP tickets:

Hurry up and take the opportunity to attend the show as tickets are almost sold out!

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