The ultimate way to tune in with your inner voice at DNA. Art Club.

I have always believed that our voices are not just sounds flowing from our throats; they are much more than that.

They are the stories we don't tell, the words we swallow out of fear or shame, the echoes of ancestors whispering to us. Our voices matter as much as our words do. I love words more than I have ever loved people. The voice paints the words: it gives meaning to what we say and how we say them.

My voice stopped making sounds one day: suffocated by the pressure, like a dancer on the tightrope between fear and courage that doesn’t want to try anymore. There is a certain agony in the act of stopping to speak, a heaviness that settles in the chest like a stone.

Silence can be lonely. When my thoughts raced through my head like untamed horses, eventually starting a tornado, I knew that I needed to change something. I often wonder about the vibrations of our voices in the spaces we inhabit. Do they leave traces? So I started whispering. My voice had grown weak, shaking in the wind. But at least it was speaking again. 

Someone once told me about a poet who didn’t want to use his voice to read his poems to the people, so he whispered them to the trees in the woods. One day he died. His voice had died with his body because he hadn’t used it in such a long time. But the birds had heard him whispering. They would whistle and tweet his words, I believe they still do. This story helps me wake up every day and speak. Even if it’s only to the birds.

Join Tola (Yellow) Janowska at DNA. Art Club on Sunday, March 17, for a transformative workshop: "The Power of The Inner Voice." This session delves into connecting with your voice on a profound level, whether you're a seasoned musician or new to vocal expression. Your voice, the ultimate extension of your soul, awaits rediscovery.

Let's connect through our voices.

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Love, DNA. & Yi-Spa & Tola Janowska

Written For You By Sofie de Vroom

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Tola Janowska (Yellow)

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