Real writer MINDSET: How to find time and motivation to write?

It is a known trope, that everyone has the inner desire of writing and publishing their novel.

But it is also common knowledge, even more than the previous statement, that most would abandon their intent in different steps of the journey.

At the beginning, perhaps not even starting the writing.

Midway, possibly the plot was lost, or the ramification too intricate.
In the end, maybe the hope of success faded from the mind.

How to avoid all of this, and stay in the path to completion?

The smallest step is the start of the longest journey.
Start by writing for a short amount of time, but constantly.
Even two minutes per day is a start.

Set a specific time or occasion to write:

1. In the morning, for example, right after waking up. Especially good to catch your dreams before they vanish.

2. Transportation time. Subway and buses are your friends, when it comes to waiting time. You can make good use of it.

3. Self-care time. For example, staying in a park or dedicating some time to yourself exclusively. Writing can be a form of meditation as well.

4. Before sleep. Writing down the idea that was bouncing in your head the whole day, or journaling about the adventures you lived since dawn.

With the right time, you can also find the right mindset:

a. Find your inner time schedule for writing. The most important location to write is within yourself. Meditation and self-care moments can be good ways to put you in the mood.

b. Moments of struggle or intensity. Putting down words can help you elaborate thoughts, pain and passion. You might find great inspirations too.

c. Happy contemplation. Do not forget about moments where your soul feels the need to put ink on paper. Good memories are set in stone once you sculpt them in your notebook.

These are a few tips you can use to find your own time and mindset for writing.

Wishing you the best of luck, writer.

Before parting ways, here’s something that might inspire you today:

*Indulge yourself,
Be inspired by words.*

If day was bound to survival,
Bindings turn to ashes,
Blinded by a burning sunset.

Night is the mother of Poetry,
When words are free to run
Along silent pages that hosts will become.
For the secret treasure of your ink,
The eclipse in pleasure
Of pen and paper
Fire producing
Smoldering tinder fusing

Your core calls,
Your dawn howls
For the freedom
You find in emptiness;
To be filled with your vices.

Come with us,
They say.

Fly with us on the Moon,
Their invite.

Be in us.
Be us.

Indulge yourself
In the holy sin

Find your true kin
And kindle your soul shall be.

Until we meet again.

- Michele

*The Guide of DNA Writers, Senior DNA MEMBER

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