To catch a story.

Interesting creatures, stories.

They are everywhere around us, yet at times it is truly hard to find one.

They can hide in the folds of a book, behind words;
In the farthest corner of your mind and soul,
Or just stand right in front of your face, the last place you would search for them.
The spot that wins all hide and seek games.

Writers do need stories though, as much as a musician craves notes and rhythm and life desires harmony.

How to lure them out, you might then ask?

Let’s talk about how to attract them.

Stories are hungry for action, discovery and experiences: putting yourself in a new situation or taking leaps over your daily routine might take them by surprise and make them come out of their hiding place.

The best hunters are the ones that can convincingly act as preys. If you live what the world has to offer, stories will then be attracted to you like pen to paper.

It can be challenging, always being outside. If you find yourself more comfortable staying within your own borders, then you might need to search for stories in your past.

They are so sneaky that they not only can travel through space, but also time. Concentrate on meaningful events of your life, and through the mind palace of your creation you might spot a story leaning on a fence of the garden you used to play in as a kid, or holding a hand over your head to make a shelter from the storm when you were by yourself.

They mean you no harm, even though it might seem otherwise.

They might be scared of you. Just like you could be of them.

Do not worry though, they will be there for you.

And if you don’t find them in your memory, try and trace them in books, films, games and series. You don’t have to take a story as it is, but you can be inspired by them to create something new.

Remember: if you offer your hand, stories will follow you till the end.

Now, shall we start the hunt?

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