Best Writing (outdoor) Spots in Berlin

Here creativity can thrive,

As inspiration comes alive,

Away from bustle, rush and noise,

Amidst the trees and verdant joys.

From parks to gardens, there are plenty of spots in Berlin that writers can take advantage of to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and focus on their work. Here are some of the top outdoor writing spots in Berlin, as recommended by writers themselves.

If you prefer to doodle outdoors, there are several nice places in town where you can sit on a picnic bench. Look out for the Hasenschänke café in Hasenheide Park, the huge beer garden at Cafe am Neuen See in the Tiergarten or the cutely retro Schoenbrunn restaurant in Volkspark Friedrichshain, where you'll find great places to write surrounded by greenery. Or head to the community gardens in Tempelhofer Feld, where you can have a pint, sit among the planters and get inspired while watching the kitesurfers and rollerbladers on this huge carnival-style former airfield. Only in Berlin!

*Volkspark Friedrichshain:

With its lush greenery, winding paths, and quiet corners, Volkspark Friedrichshain offers a serene setting for writers to get lost in their thoughts and put pen to paper.

In the heart of Berlin town,

A park of beauty can be found,

Volkspark Friedrichshain its name,

A gem of nature's finest frame.

*Landwehr Canal:

This canal that runs through Kreuzberg and Neukölln is a popular spot for writers who are looking for a peaceful setting to write in. With its tranquil waters, picturesque bridges, and tree-lined paths, Landwehr Canal offers a serene and inspiring environment for writers to work.


... expansive park in the heart of Berlin is a great place to escape the noise and distractions of the city and find some peace and quiet. With its wide-open spaces, stunning views, and numerous benches and picnic tables, Tiergarten offers writers an inspiring outdoor writing spot.

Berlin, city of outdoor grace,

A haven for writers seeking space,

From gardens fair to parks serene,

A place to find a tranquil scene.

*Britzer Garten:

Inspiring botanical garden in Neukölln is a great place to find inspiration for your writing. With its exotic plants, tranquil lakes, and stunning vistas, Britzer Garten offers a peaceful and inspiring environment for writers to work.

*Spree River:

This river that runs through the heart of Berlin is a popular spot for writers who are looking for a unique outdoor writing spot. With its tranquil waters, historic bridges, and charming houseboats, the Spree River offers a picturesque and inspiring setting for writers to work.


This urban garden in Kreuzberg is a favorite among writers who are looking for a peaceful outdoor writing spot. With its lush greenery, quiet atmosphere, and community-focused events, Prinzessinnengarten offers a serene and inspiring environment for writers to work.

Writers recommend these spots true,

To bring their musings into view,

Where pen and paper can unite,

And prose and verse can take to flight.

So come to Berlin, writer's friend,

And find a place where thoughts can blend,

With nature's beauty all around,

In peaceful settings, words profound.

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