- Release & Recharge -

Balance Your Body, Mind & Soul

13  05  2024

Yi Spa Berlin

Monbijouplatz 3A, 10178 Berlin

Regular Retreat Ticket

It´s Time for a Break, Release & Recharge.

Experience an Exclusive Reality-Escape designed just for You and a few select guests with our 'Release & Recharge Retreat.'

Treat Your Body, Mind & Soul Special.

PRIVATE SETTING: This Special Event is dedicated for a limited amount of 2-4 People to keep it Personal & Private.


We begin the journey with a warm welcome as You meet our experienced Retreat Leaders, accompanied by the healing sounds of Live Music, letting go of stress and worries.

Followed by our special workshops: the Emotional Release Workshop that helps You find inner peace, and the Creativity Release Workshop that sparks inspiration and creativity, as well as Your Personal Growth.

Afterwards, feel free to treat Yourself to a relaxing massage if You'd like, melting away any tension. Simply to reconnect with Yourself in our peaceful atmosphere and discover new strengths.

By the end of the retreat, You'll feel refreshed and ready to face the world anew. Join us for a journey of relaxation and renewal.


Welcome Refreshments & Live Music Performances

Emotional Release Retreat

Creativity Release Workshop

Individual consulting class

Snacks & Refreshments

(optional) add-on:

Thai Traditional Massage:

In the practice of Thai massage, pressure on specific energy lines corresponds to the healing effect of the massage. For this reason, the masseuse does not stroke the body, but applies pressure and stretches the muscles. All movements are gentle, rhythmic, flowing, and soft. The energy pathways are worked on through gentle stretching and the rhythmic pressure of palms, thumbs, knees, elbows, and feet. The most traditional form of Thai massage is performed clothed to avoid the need for oil, which would hinder the firm grip of the masseuse due to the many movement elements.


4:00 pm: Welcoming Introduction, Connect with the Retreat Leaders & Individual Approach

4:30 pm: Live Music Performances, Aroma & Sound Therapy

5:00 pm: Creativity Release Treatment

6:00 pm: Sound Healing & Emotional Release Treatment

7:00 pm: (optional) add-on: Thai Traditional Massage: Body (60 Min.)


Michele Battistioli (No Story Lies)

A master storyteller, writer, poet, and accomplished author. Michele is your mentor in the exploration of self through words, ensuring that your story resonates authentically.


  • Storytelling Meditation

Lena Hohl

Lena is a writer and a creative who expresses herself through words and her voice. After spending most of her life trying to fit in and conform, she rediscovered her innate passion for writing.


  • Creativity Release: Whether writing, drawing, designing or in everyday office life: we need creativity to come up with new ideas. And we are by nature beings who want to create. In this workshop, you will learn a method that can help you to strengthen your access to your creativity and get back into a flow state in which new ideas emerge.

Gabriela Beltramino  

Singer/songwriter and actress. Voice and Speech Therapist by Cordoba National University and certified Sound Therapist. She developed a unique approach to voice development called Holistic Voice Work with the intention to democratise access to voice, and help people gain holistic self awareness. The ultimate goal is regaining sovereignty over expression and self healing.


  • Emotional Release: Holistic Voice Work intensive “Free Sounding” session


You don't need to bring anything with You; we have everything ready for You.


13.05. 2024

4 - 8.30 pm



Monbijouplatz 3A, 10178 Berlin


Ticket Regular Treat: 120e

Ticket Special Treat: The whole Retreat + add-on: Thai Traditional Massage: Body (60 Min.) : 220e


Seize the opportunity for an intimate and personalised experience - to ensure a deeply enriching session there is a maximum of 4 participants.

Save Your Ticket now.

Release & Recharge.

See Us Soon. 🖤

Regular Retreat Ticket
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